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Re-Designing My Living Room

So my living room is now a mess cause I have been busy designing it. I’ve been reorganizing, repacking, rearranging, pretty much re-anything! Pictures are on there way I promise! I’ve been looking for inspiration and I think I found it while looking at one of my favorite sites,

Here’s what they had to say about storage space:

“Think about what kinds of things you usually keep in your space, and then add storage that specifically accommodates those items. If you have young kids, toys might be an issue, so built-in cabinets or toy boxes and chests would be worthwhile investments. For high-tech families, add shelves for movies and video games and cabinets to hide small electronics like video game consoles and DVD players. Better yet, invest in a large entertainment center or media console. To encourage good work habits, install a built-in desk, work table or counter for homework time”


Sounds like I need to re arrange again! Toodles!


Tight Budget? Here’s how you can remodel your home without breaking the bank!

With limited income and a kitchen from the 70’s, remodeling can be difficult with a tight budget. You’re trying to find deals but have no luck getting the ones that find your needs and within your budget. I have read an article that explains this dilemma millions of Americans have and gives reasonable solutions to the average homeowner.

“Pretty with Paint
Adding white beaded board to the peninsula and painting the existing cabinets a warm white brightened up this formerly dark space. To keep costs low, hardware was only added to the drawers. Mismatched chairs and stools are all coordinated with a crisp coat of white paint”

For more ideas on how to remodel or renovate your kitchen or bathroom on a budget please go to